Data Breaches in 2020 – Ultimate List

The list of data breaches includes the data collected from worldwide news reports, government reports, official press releases, media reports, and/or individuals. The goal of the data breach list is to show the state of cybersecurity and cyber crime activities throughout the year.

How many data breach records were there in 2020?

There were 23,517,981,864 known data breach records in 2020 collected in this list. Considering that the number of records of many data breaches is still unknown the total number could be significantly higher.

0 billion
data breach records in 2020

Ultimate List of Data Breaches in 2020

The list is sorted by date (newest on top).

Company Year Country Industry Method Records Source
Five Points Eye Care 2020 Greece Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link
NetGalley 2020 USA Publishing Weak Security Unknown link
Jerusalem Municipality 2020 Israel Public Service Hacking Unknown link
21 Buttons 2020 Spain Social Network Data Leak 50,000,000 link
Now:Pensions 2020 UK Pension Data Leak 30,000 link
EyeMed 2020 USA Health Insurance Hacking 1,300 link
Sangoma 2020 Canada VoIP Ransomware Unknown link
People’s Energy 2020 Scotland Energy Weak Security 270,000 link
SolarWinds 2020 USA Software Hacking 18,000 link
Probase 2020 UK App Development Data Leak 587,000 link
TaskRabbit 2020 USA Marketplace Credential Stuffing Unknown link
Koei Tecmo 2020 Japan Gaming Hacking 65,000 link
Desjardins 2020 Canada Finance Weak Security 9,700,000 link
Unknown 2020 67 Countries Healthcare Data Leak 45,000,000 link
Sonoma Valley Hospital 2020 USA Healthcare Ransomware 65,000 link
2020 USA IT Monitoring Hacking 18,000 link
US Treasury 2020 USA Government Hacking Unknown link
US Commerce Department 2020 USA Government Hacking Unknown link
Brooklyn Defender Services 2020 USA Public Defence Weak Security Unknown link
East Devon Council 2020 USA Council Data Leak Unknown link
European Medicines Agency 2020 Netherlands Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link
Dental Care Alliance 2020 USA Healthcare Hacking 1,000,000 link
UiPath 2020 USA Software Weak Security Unknown link
TTUHSC 2020 USA Education Ransomware Unknown link
FireEye 2020 Canada Cybersecurity Hacking Unknown link
Cardholders 2020 India Unknown Unknown 7,000,000 link
Monroe Surgical Hospital 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link
Alaskan voter IDs 2020 USA Voting Data Leak 113,000 link
River City Bank 2020 USA Banking Unknown Unknown link
OC Transpo 2020 Canada Public Transit Unknown Unknown link
Kopter 2020 Switzerland Manufacturing Ransomware Unknown link
HAMC 2020 USA Housing Ransomware Unknown link
Royal Dutch Cycling Union 2020 Netherlands Cycle Racing Hacking Unknown link
AspenPointe 2020 USA Healthcare Hacking 295,000 link
Canon 2020 Japan Manufacturing Ransomware Unknown link
Belden 2020 USA Manufacturing Hacking Unknown link
US Fertility 2020 USA Healthcare Hacking Unknown link
Ministry of Health 2020 Brazil Healthcare Data Leak 16,000,000 link
Unknown 2020 UK Car Insurance Data Leak 21,000 link
Banijay 2020 France Production Ransomware Unknown link
Whitehat Jr 2020 India E-learning Weak Security 280,000 link
Sophos 2020 UK Data Security Unknown Unknown link
Headlam Group 2020 UK Flooring Weak Security Unknown link, Expedia, 2020 Various Travel Data Leak 10,000,000 link
Manwoods 2020 UK Education Weak Security Unknown link
Premier Health 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link
LGH 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link 2020 USA Social Network Data Leak 10,000,000 link
Manchester United 2020 UK Soccer Club Hacking Unknown link
IVCC 2020 USA Education Ransomware Unknown link
Bristol City Council 2020 UK Council Data Leak Unknown link
Peatix 2020 USA Communities and Events Data Leak 4,200,000 link
Spotify 2020 Sweden Media Data Leak 300,000 link
17 Companies 2020 Various Various Unknown 34,000,000 link
Cloud Clusters 2020 USA Hosting Weak Security 63,000,000 link
Great Hearts 2020 USA Education Ransomware Unknown link
Liquid 2020 Japan Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacking Unknown link
Mercy Iowa City 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security 60,473 link
Pluto TV 2020 USA Internet TV Data Leak 3,200,000 link
DPH 2020 USA Healthcare Data Leak 10,000 link
Cit0day 2020 Unknown Index Site Data Leak 13,000,000,000 link
Vertafore 2020 USA Insurance Software Weak Security 27,700,000 link
123RF 2020 Hong Kong Stock Photos Hacking 8,300,000 link
People Incorporated 2020 US Healthcare Weak Security 27,500 link
The North Face 2020 USA Manufacturing Credential Stuffing Unknown link
Public Health Wales 2020 Wales Healthcare Weak Security 18,000 link
WildWorks (Animal Jam) 2020 USA Gaming Hacking 46,000,000 link
BigBasket 2020 India E-commerce Data Leak 20,000,000 link
Terminix 2020 USA Pest Control Weak Security 14,708 link
Prestige Software 2020 Spain Software Weak Security 10,000,000 link
Lupin 2020 India Healthcare Unknown Unknown link
Mashable 2020 India Digital Media Hacking Unknown link
Folksam 2020 Sweden Insurance Unknown 1,000,000 link
MCSD 2020 USA Education Weak Security Unknown link
Capcom 2020 Japan Gaming Ransomware 350,000 link
GrowDiaries 2020 USA Web Platform Weak Security 1,400,000 link
JM Bullion 2020 USA Bullion Dealer Skimming Unknown link
Various Healthcare Organizations 2020 USA Healthcare Unknown 692,490 link
Lazada Redmart 2020 Singapore E-commerce Data Leak 1,100,000 link
Mailfire 2020 Cyprus Software Data Leak 320,000,000 link
True 2020 USA Social Network Weak Security Unknown link
Fragomen 2020 USA Law Data Leak Unknown link
Nitro PDF 2020 USA Software Weak Security 70,000,000 link
Dr. Reddy’s 2020 India Healthcare Unknown Unknown link
Vastaamo 2020 Finland Medical Hacking Unknown link
Pfizer 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security Unknown link
Gunnebo Group 2020 Sweden Security Ransomware 38,000 link
Broadvoice 2020 USA Telecom Weak Security 350,000,000 link
Group of VPNs 2020 Various Digital Software Weak Security 20,000,000 link
Dickey's 2020 USA Restaurant POS Breach 3,000,000 link
Barnes & Noble 2020 USA Retail Data Leak Unknown link
Chowbus 2020 USA Food Delivery Unknown 800,000 link
Blackbaud 2020 USA Software Ransomware 1,600,000 link
Edureka 2020 India Learning Platform Weak Protection 45,000,000 link
Warner Music 2020 USA Music Skimming Unknown link
CCSD 2020 USA Education Hacking Unknown link
Town Sports 2020 USA Sports Weak Security 665,000 link
Shopify 2020 Canada E-commerce Data Leak Unknown link
Activision 2020 USA Gaming Hacking 500,000 link
Minnesota Hospitals 2020 USA Healthcare Ransomware 360,000 link
UHNJ 2020 USA Healthcare Ransomware 48,000 link
Staples 2020 USA Retail Weak Security Unknown link
Artech 2020 USA Staffing Ransomware Unknown link
Zhenhua 2020 China Technology Data Leak 2,400,000 link
Veterans Affairs 2020 USA Federal Agency Weak Security 46,000 link
Razer 2020 Singapore Gaming Data Leak 100,000 link
NorthShore 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security 348,000 link
Service NSW 2020 Australia Government Agency Phishing 3,800,000 link
Imperium Health 2020 USA Healthcare Phishing 140,000 link
Telmate 2020 USA Telecom Weak Security 11,000,000 link
Utah Pathology 2020 USA Healthcare Hacking 112,000 link
Dynasplint 2020 USA Healthcare Encryption Attack 103,000 link
Freepik 2020 USA Image Database Malware 3,770,000 link
TPS 2020 USA Education Hacking Unknown link
NHIC 2020 Slovakia Healthcare Weak Security 391,250 link
ShopBack 2020 Singapore Cashback Hacking Unknown link
RedDoorz 2020 Singapore Hotel Hacking 5,800,000 link
Ledger 2020 France Security Hardware Hacking 1,000,000 link
CRA 2020 Canada Revenue Agency Hacking 5,500 link
Brown-Forman 2020 USA Manufacturing Ransomware Unknown link
Unknown 2020 Unknown Unknown Data Leak 350,000,000 link
Utah Gun Exchange 2020 USA E-commerce Data Leak 195,000 link
InMotionNow 2020 USA Software Data Leak 5,500,00 link
Instagram 2020 USA Social Network Weak Security 200,000,000 link
Geo Group 2020 USa Real Estate Ransomware Unknown link
TikTok 2020 China Social Media Weak Security 42,000,000 link
YouTube 2020 USA Social Media Weak Security 4,000,000 link
Dunzo 2020 India Food Delivery Hacking 3,400,000 link
Beaufort Memorial Hospital 2020 USA Healthcare Unknown 12,600 link
Walgreens 2020 USA Healthcare Data Leak 72,000 link
Luxottica 2020 Italy Eyewear Hacking 820,000 link
Experian IS 2020 South Africa Data Agency Data Leak 24,000,000 link
Social Data 2020 Unknown Data Agency Weak Security 235,000,000 link
Havenly 2020 USA Interior Design Hacking 1,300,000 link
Avon 2020 UK Marketing Ransomware 19,000,000 link
Mayo Clinic 2020 USA Healthcare Weak Security 1,600 link
Promo 2020 Israel Video Creation Data Leak 22,000,000 link
Drizly 2020 USA E-commerce Hacking 2,500,000 link
Appen 2020 Australia Data Provider Hacking 5,800,000 link
Hurb 2020 Brazil Travel Agency Hacking 20,000,000 link
Indabamusic 2020 USA Music Hacking 475,000 link
Ivoy 2020 Mexico Delivery Hacking 127,432 link
Proctoru 2020 USA Proctoring Hacking 444,000 link
Scentbird 2020 USA Fragrance Hacking 5,814,988 link
Swvl 2020 Egypt Technology Hacking 4,000,000 link
Vakinha 2020 BrazilUnknown Fund Raising Hacking 4,775,203 link
Rewards1 2020 N/A Web Platform Hacking 3,000,000 link
Dave 2020 USA Mobile Software Weak Security 7,500,000 link
InstaCart 2020 USA Food Delivery Credential Stuffing 278,531 link
Florida Orthopaedic Institute 2020 USA Healthcare Ransomware 640,000 link
Ancestry 2020 USA Genealogy Weak Security 60,000 link
Polk Taxes 2020 USA Tax Collector Phishing 450,000 link
Wattpad 2020 Canada Publishing Platform Hacking 271,000,000 link
Clubillion 2020 USA Gambling Data Leak 200,000,000 link
Freddie Mac 2020 USA Mortgage Ransomware Unknown link
Catholic Singles 2020 USA Dating Data Leak 50,000 link
SPYKX 2020 South Corea Dating Data Leak 123,000 link
YESTIKI 2020 USA Dating Data Leak 43,000 link
Blurry 2020 South Korea Dating Data Leak 70,000 link
Charin and Kyuun 2020 Japan Dating Data Leak 102,000,000 link
Twitter 2020 USA Social Network Weak Security Unknown link
BlueLeaks 2020 USA N/A Hacking 16,000,000 link
Cognizant 2020 USA IT Ransomware Unknown link
Citi 2020 USA Finance Hacking 360,069 link
Zoosk 2020 USA Online Dating Weak Security 30,000,000 link
Claire's 2020 USA Retailer Skimming Unknown link
Amtrak 2020 USA Railroad Weak Security Unknown link
Bank of America 2020 USA Banking Weak Security link
Mathway 2020 USA Software Data Leak 25,000,000 link
ChatBooks 2020 USA Printing Services Hacking 15,000,000 link
Wishbone 2020 USA Social Platform Weak Security 40,000,000 link
Home Chef 2020 USA Food Delivery Data Leak 8,000,000 link
BigFooty 2020 Australia Sports Weak Security 70,000,000 link
Magellan Health 2020 USA Healthcare Ransomware 365,000 link
US Marshals 2020 USA Law Agency Hacking 387,000 link
StyleShare 2020 South Korea Fashio Platform Weak Security 6,000,000 link
Minted 2020 USA Design Marketplace Weak Security 5,000,000 link
Chronicle of Higher Education 2020 USA Online newspaper Weak Security 3,000,000 link
Mindful 2020 USA Health Magazine Weak Security 2,000,000 link
Bhinneka 2020 Indonesia E-commerce Weak Security 1,200,000 link
StarTribune 2020 USA Newspaper Weak Security 1,000,000 link
GGuMim 2020 South Korea E-commerce Hacking 2,000,000 link
LiveJournal 2020 Russia Social Network Data Leak 26,000,000 link
Unacademy 2020 India E-learning Unknown 22,000,000 link
Fresenius 2020 Germany Healthcare Ransomware Unknown link
Tokopedia 2020 Indonesia E-commerce Weak Security 91,000,000 link
CAM4 2020 USA Adult Weak Security 11,000,000 link
GoDaddy 2020 USA Hosting Weak Security 28,000,000 link
EasyJet 2020 UK Airline Hacking 9,000,000 link
Ambry Genetics 2020 USA Medicine Weak Security 233,000 link
Nintendo 2020 Japan Gaming Credential Stuffing 300,000 link
Careem 2020 UAE Technology Hacking 14,000,000 link
Paay 2020 USA Payment Processor Weak Security 2,500,000 link
ExecuPharm 2020 Australia Healthcare Weak Security 80,604 link
Facebook 2020 USA Social Network Unknown 267,000,000 link
Beaumont Health 2020 USA Healthcare Hacking 114,000 link
Quidd 2020 USA Software Hacking 4,000,000 link
Zoom 2020 USA Video Communications Credential Stuffing 500,000 link
SFO 2020 USA Airport Hacking Unknown link
Key Ring 2020 USA Mobile Software Weak Security 14,000,000 link
Marriott 2020 USA Hotel Weak Security 5,200,000 link
Antheus Tecnologia 2020 Brazil Biometrics Weak Security 81,500,000 link
General Electric 2020 USA Technology Weak Security Unknown link
Koodoo Mobile 2020 Canada Mobile Carrier Hacking Unknown link
Unknown 2020 UK Security Weak Security 5,000,000,000 link
TrueFire 2020 USA Music Hacking Unknown link
Unknown 2020 USA Finance Data Leak 200,000,000 link
Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, 2020 UK E-commerce Data Leak 8,000,000 link
Whisper 2020 USA Social Media Weak Security 900,000,000 link
T-Mobile 2020 Germany Telecom Hacking Unknown link
Virgin Media 2020 UK Mobile Carrier Weak Security 900,000 link
J-Crew 2020 USA Retailer Credential Stuffing 10,000 link
Carnival Cruise 2020 USA Cruise Weak Security Unknown link
SlickWraps 2020 USA Accessories Weak Security 377,428 link
Sandicliffe 2020 UK Car Dealership Unknown Unknown link
PhotoSquared 2020 USA Mobile Software Data Leak 100,000 link
MGM Resorts 2020 USA Hotel Weak Security 10,683,188 link
Health Share of Oregon 2020 USA Healthcare Data Leak 654,000 link
Fifth Third Bank 2020 USA Banking Data Leak Unknown link
Estée Lauder 2020 USA Manufacturing Weak Security 440,000,000 link
Golden Entertainment 2020 USA Gambling Phishing Unknown link
THSuite 2020 USA Software Weak Security 85,000 link
Tetrad 2020 USA Market Analysis Weak Security 120,000,000 link
Microsoft 2020 USA Software Weak Security 250,000,000 link
Clearview AI 2020 USA IT Hacking Unknown link
Hanna Andersson 2020 USA Retail Skimming Unknown link
Wawa 2020 USA Retail Hacking 30,000,000 link
Peekaboo Moments 2020 China Software Weak Security 800,000 link
LifeLabs 2020 Canada Healthcare Weak Security 15,000,000 link
SpiceJet 2020 India Airline Hacking 1,200,000 link
Landry’s 2020 USA Restaurant Malware Unknown link
CheckPeople 2020 USA People Search Unknown 56,000,000 link
Betsson Group 2020 Sweden Gambling Unknown Unknown link

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